CPES Technology

Major construction projects are highly collaborative processes requiring complex negotiations to balance trade-offs between the conflicting interests of Owners, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers, Builders, Bankers and Regulators.

Each stakeholder has differing motivations and priorities.

Problems and miscommunication caused by a traditionally slow, step-by-step, command and control business model add significant inefficiencies and cost at every stage of the design, specify and build process.

This is seen as 'normal' and 'how it's always been done'.

While 2D and 3D digitalization of key building & construction industry, product and service data have disrupted centuries old practices and revolutionized the process of presenting, viewing, and manipulating building data; the fundamental industry business model remains the same.

We believe that this is about to change.

A unique team of leading academic, political, design and construction industry thinkers with over 150 years of pragmatic experience have come together to blend Building Information Management (BIM), state-of-the-art online gaming technologies; breakthrough advances in collaborative working and advanced political science methodologies to create a new technology, CIMS 4.0.

Where Sustainability Meets Profitability

The partnership between CPES and VIMtrek is bringing IT to the construction industry. By utilizing the virtual technology tool provided by CPES and VIMtrek, an opportunity is given to owners and designers to make their lives easier and help them save time and money on their projects. The savings are not only achieved during the construction phase, but also during the operations of the building in the form of lower energy and operational costs.


The Benefits of the Technology Include:

  1. Superior characteristics (energy footprint, etc.)

  2. Enhanced user performance

  3. =

    Construction completed in less time and at significantly less cost


How does the technology accomplish this?

  1. VIMTrek Virtualization
    With VIMtrek, it is possible to create 3D virtualizations of your building in a matter of minutes that are interactive and easier to navigate. This type of visualization and collaboration creates significant savings: architects save time by identifying early design errors and omissions; and better design decisions can be made pre-build, creating savings during construction by eliminating change-orders.

  2. Instant QTO with links to the RSMeans Pricing Database
    The Visual Information Model, or VIM, is populated with objects created that allows for an instant Quantity Take Off (QTO) and linked to the RSMeans Pricing Database, which provides a price estimate on each object based on the location of the project.

  3. IES Energy Analysis
    By taking into account your project’s geographic location as well as the HVAC equipment in the design, an estimate on the energy needs of your building can be provided. The building designer can thus optimize the design and selection of equipment to achieve maximum efficiency and lower energy costs once the building is operational. The EcoScorecard database provides access to LEED certified objects and LEED forms for easy application for project certification.

  4. CPES Enterprise Solution Methodology
    Collaborative Intelligence Management System (CIMS) maximizes collaboration of all project stakeholders from the pre-construction to operations phases. The Enterprise Solution utilizes the VIM platform by incorporating information from the builders and users collected by surveys of the appropriate stakeholders during design, construction and operations.


Armed with this tool, change-orders, sequencing, counting, construction, cost and time all revert to the best possible outcomes for the owner and operator.


All in real time.